Ottawa Sheds Key to Surviving Ottawa Winters

No matter how much space you have in your garage, if you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably in need of extra space.  Platinum Construction is fielding calls from families all across Ottawa who have found that an extra car for a teenager, more storage needs, or safety concerns and looking to have a shed built. And of course now is a key time as space to keep cars warm in Ottawa winters is not a luxury, but a must.

Besides making sure your cars are able to smart by clearing out garage space, there are numerous reasons to turn to Platinum to have a new Ottawa shed built, including:

  • Get the smell of gasoline and grass clippings out of your garage
  • Greatly improve the safety of your home by moving flammables from the main structure.
  • Get dangerous and sharp tools away from children and under lock and key.
  • Providing Ottawa homeowners with flexibility – no longer do you have to throw away that garden tool or seldom used tarp that you use every year or two.
  • Increasing space and decreasing the likelihood that cars ding each other or against a lawn mower.
  • A place to conveniently store your hoses, yard games, etc.

And after a winter of a garage that is cleaner and more spacious, you’ll find your Ottawa shed will be a key to having a more beautiful backyard. The convenience of having your gardening tools and supplies in the backyard makes it much more likely that you’ll zap the earliest tufts of crabgrass with weed spray as soon as you notice them, or sprinkle a little extra plant food under a bush that seems to be struggling.

Find out how Platinum can help with your Ottawa shed by calling (613) 831-7236 today to speak to one of our Ottawa shed experts – and breathe easier this winter.

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