Keep Grilling with a New Deck Roof

If you’re like most Ottawa homeowners, you love to grill.  And just because winter comes along, doesn’t mean you want to (or will) stop.

Have you ever looked outside during the winter, determined to grill – only to wonder if your grill is under that massive snow pile?   Admit it, it is discouraging and often stops you from preparing a grill-cooked dinner.

One thing you might consider is having Platinum build a roof on your deck.  You’d be surprised at how quickly we can construct a deck roof, and how affordable one can be.  And with the benefits to keeping snow off YOU in the winder, a roof can help preserve the life of your deck by keeping Ottawa’s harsh winters from taking their toll on your deck.

You’ can also extend the life/use of your deck under your new deck roof by using an outdoor heater or gas fire pit for fall/early spring enjoyment.

Over the summer months, a deck roof protects the deck surface from snow and rain, keeping maintenance costs down. Plus, you’ll be keeping the harsh sun off you and your family during nice days and prevent having to run out and pull your furniture cushions inside when it starts to rain.

Add value to your home when it comes time to sell. Your roof cover will become a feature of your home, paying for itself in the end.

And you’ll be winter grilling!

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