It’s Not Too Late… Fall Is a Great Time to Build an Ottawa Deck

Winterize your car… check.  Have your furnace serviced… check.  Make your winter vacation plans… check. Store your patio and deck furniture… check.

All these preparations for winter and you’ve probably forgotten one very important fact of life… time flies.  Before you know it, Spring will be here again. Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone to get your deck built now so it is ready to enjoy the first nice day of Spring, 2014.  Platinum is building decks all over Ottawa and can get yours in before ice fishing season.

There are lots of reasons to act now. Beyond having a great Ottawa deck to enjoy from day one of Spring 2014, let’s face it – life happens.  There may be a circumstance that necessitate putting your house on the market as soon as Spring threatens to arrive.  Did you know a deck is one of the best investments you can make to increase the value of your home?

Another practical reason to build now is that building in the Fall is less disruptive on your lawn and landscape. With cooler Ottawa Falls, you know that grass and plants are go dormant and more resistant to the stress caused by heavy traffic and material storage. Ottawa Springs weather brings heavy, wet snow and rain that softens the landscape, leading to damage that takes longer to repair. Throw in the fact that weather in the Fall is both drier and more predictable and building that Ottawa deck now does not look quite so intimidating.

It would be easier to start the hibernation now, but if you get motivated and don’t procrastinate, the Spring you will be grateful.

So don’t delay – and get Platinum working on your dream Ottawa deck today.

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