Attention Ottawa Homeowners: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

In Ottawa we are, more often than not, kind to our neighbors, but Robert Frost may have been on to something when he said, “good fences make good neighbors.” A fence can add beauty, dimension and security to your Ottawa home and yard. A solid fence can also create a safe haven for kids and pets to play and enjoy the mild Ottawa summers, all while providing as much or as little privacy as you (and your neighbors) would like.

Whether you tackle your fence installation yourself or put it in the hands of pros, the best first step is to connect with a reputable supplier for quality fence materials here in Ottawa. A misstep here could really sink your budget now and in the long run. When faced with all of the building material and design options now available for fences here in Ottawa, it can leave even the handiest of homeowner’s feeling a bit light headed. A reputable Ottawa fence supplier will walk you through the various material options for your fence, review the pros and cons of each material with you and find the one that best meets your needs and stays within budget.

To get you started, here are fence materials commonly used in and around Ottawa:

Chain-Link Fence – get the corrosion protection of zinc plus the durability and attractive appearance of polyester framework and extruded polyvinyl chloride fabric.

Ornamental Iron Fence – adds instant character and looks great in almost any Ottawa yard.

Vinyl Fence – makes creating and maintaining a cozy, private space almost effortless.

Welded Wire Fence – designed to meet your perimeter security needs while blending in with the background.

Wood Fencing & Pre-Made Panels – wood fencing is an attractive, popular and cost efficient option for Ottawa backyards. Whether cedar or pressure treated, your wood fence will stay looking beautiful for many years.

Specialty Fence – horse and farm fencing that is easily adaptable, easy to install and resistant to animal impact.

At The Fence & Deck Store, our team of Ottawa fence experts can help you decide on the type of fence that captures the spirit of your Ottawa home and punctuates your home’s overall character. If you’re wondering if a fence can really do all of that for your Ottawa home, stop and think about how powerful the image of a home, complete with a white picket fence is. It is the quintessential image of idyllic suburban living here in Ottawa.

Call (613) 831-7236 today to speak to one of our Ottawa fence experts and kick your fence project into high gear this summer.

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