Selecting the Right Materials for Your Ottawa Deck

Platinum builds Ottawa decks all over the region, with a variety of different materials.  We’re happy to review with you the pro’s and cons of each material for your specific needs, The materials you select will each impact your Ottawa deck’s durability, availability, looks, and cost. Here are a few Ottawa deck material options:

As you can imagine, a little pricey but worth it as this popular, naturally rot-resistant wood (with sealant) will last a long time. You will need to seal twice a year – but most owners of these Ottawa decks say redwood is worth it! Keep in mind that the reddish hue is not suited to the look of every home.

Strong and durable, cedar provides a traditional, natural look. For your Ottawa deck, cedar will have a unique knotty look. It can either be sealed on all six sides prior to installation or left to weather naturally to a silver-gray. It is naturally resistant to decay and insects, but may not be appropriate for high-traffic areas because its softness.

Pressure-treated lumber
This is the most common and traditional material for Ottawa decks.  Extremely strong, you can let it age naturally or get it prestained. Treated lumber is the most affordable Ottawa deck material, and thanks to new laws restricting the chemicals used to preserve the wood, today’s treated lumber is safe. Pressure-treated lumber is an inexpensive choice, but requires yearly maintenance to maintain its good looks.

Composite Decking
A newly popular option for Ottawa decks, composite decking is available in a variety of colors and textures to mimic real wood without the maintenance. The smooth, even makeup of the decking means it will not warp, split, or splinter for barefoot enjoyment for years to come. And with warranties of up to 25 years, composite Ottawa decks never need staining or sealing.PVC Decking
Nearly identical to composite Ottawa decking, PVC decking has a PVC surface for added protection.

You Have Your Reasons, We Have Your Ottawa Fence

Why would someone install an Ottawa fence?  I mean – we all would like to think that a fence is not necessary, but there are many reasons why people in the Ottawa area come to Platinum Construction to build their Ottawa fence.

Three are practical reasons for an Ottawa fence:

  • An Ottawa fence keeps your dog(s) in your yard and out of your neighbors’
  • The right kind of Ottawa fence (cedar) can reduce insects
  • An Ottawa fence further secures your home and your belongings, keeping burglars away and even your over-borrowing neighbors
  • Using an Ottawa fence strictly defines your property lines, ensuring others will not encroach on your land
  • Keep animals out of your yard with an Ottawa fence and keep growing in your garden(s)

And there are the more personal and/or aesthetic reasons:

  • An Ottawa fence can keep noise away from your yard
  • Ottawa fencing gives you and your family privacy from neighbors and passers-by
  • As a valuable piece of your landscaping puzzle, Ottawa fences increase your property value and can make your property look great
  • Your old fence is falling apart

Whatever YOUR reason for an Ottawa fence, Platinum can build your fence for a competitive price… quickly,

Keep Grilling with a New Deck Roof

If you’re like most Ottawa homeowners, you love to grill.  And just because winter comes along, doesn’t mean you want to (or will) stop.

Have you ever looked outside during the winter, determined to grill – only to wonder if your grill is under that massive snow pile?   Admit it, it is discouraging and often stops you from preparing a grill-cooked dinner.

One thing you might consider is having Platinum build a roof on your deck.  You’d be surprised at how quickly we can construct a deck roof, and how affordable one can be.  And with the benefits to keeping snow off YOU in the winder, a roof can help preserve the life of your deck by keeping Ottawa’s harsh winters from taking their toll on your deck.

You’ can also extend the life/use of your deck under your new deck roof by using an outdoor heater or gas fire pit for fall/early spring enjoyment.

Over the summer months, a deck roof protects the deck surface from snow and rain, keeping maintenance costs down. Plus, you’ll be keeping the harsh sun off you and your family during nice days and prevent having to run out and pull your furniture cushions inside when it starts to rain.

Add value to your home when it comes time to sell. Your roof cover will become a feature of your home, paying for itself in the end.

And you’ll be winter grilling!

How to Protect Your Ottawa Wood Fence This Winter

Winter brings many things to Ottawa – including numerous threats to your wood fence.  Harsh Ottawa winters can put the final nail in the coffin of your aging fence or significantly impact the life of your new fence. The impacts from snow, ice, and wind can be mitigated with a few steps to protect your Ottawa fence.

Prevent Falling Limbs
Snow can overload limbs, causing them to snap, break, and hit your fence causing structural damage. Trim your branches back now before it gets too cold and your motivation to do so is the same as watching a Maple Leafs game.

Prevent Moisture Build Up
Snow exposes your wooden fence prolonged moisture, leading to the potential for mold, mildew, and rot. Take the time to stain your fence with a good oil based stain before the winter months come. And when the winter and snow comes, try to keep the spaces between your fences clean. Fallen leaves, debris, and snow can trap additional moisture where the wood is weaker.

Prevent Warping by Using the Right Materials
Temperatures rise and fall – even in Ottawa we get plenty of warmer days. The drastic changes in temperature can play havoc with wood fences as they expand and contract at a rapid rate, creating knotholes in your fence. While unattractive, the bigger problem with knotholes is they are places where pests like to hide. Furthermore, knotholes exacerbate pests.  We’re pretty sure you don’t have a time machine, so there is not a lot you can do about the materials of your current Ottawa fence, but we’d love to help you choose wood fencing materials for the Spring that are knothole resistant.

Prevent Shifting Soil
Again – time machine is most effective means for prevention here, as posts need to be about a meter deep. One of the biggest reasons is the soil beneath your fence can shift when the frost thaws causing your posts to shift. Your fence posts can also loosen when the soil shifts, compromising the entire structure of your fence.  Keeping the cement footings of your fence free of debris, dust, and dirt can help, keeping additional moisture from getting trapped next to the concrete, eroding it.

When Spring comes, check your posts and make sure they’re staying stable and straight. And run a string along the top of the fence to make sure it’s still level. If it’s not you’ll have to get your fence posts repaired.

Keep in mind Platinum does repairs in early spring, but only when the weather is warmer than freezing as it’s nearly impossible to work with cement when temperatures are extremely cold. When Platinum installs Ottawa fences, we put our posts a meter underground to ensure to get past the potential frost line. By doing this deep, you eliminate any worries of your posts shifting or getting loose during the spring thaw.

It’s Not Too Late… Fall Is a Great Time to Build an Ottawa Deck

Winterize your car… check.  Have your furnace serviced… check.  Make your winter vacation plans… check. Store your patio and deck furniture… check.

All these preparations for winter and you’ve probably forgotten one very important fact of life… time flies.  Before you know it, Spring will be here again. Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone to get your deck built now so it is ready to enjoy the first nice day of Spring, 2014.  Platinum is building decks all over Ottawa and can get yours in before ice fishing season.

There are lots of reasons to act now. Beyond having a great Ottawa deck to enjoy from day one of Spring 2014, let’s face it – life happens.  There may be a circumstance that necessitate putting your house on the market as soon as Spring threatens to arrive.  Did you know a deck is one of the best investments you can make to increase the value of your home?

Another practical reason to build now is that building in the Fall is less disruptive on your lawn and landscape. With cooler Ottawa Falls, you know that grass and plants are go dormant and more resistant to the stress caused by heavy traffic and material storage. Ottawa Springs weather brings heavy, wet snow and rain that softens the landscape, leading to damage that takes longer to repair. Throw in the fact that weather in the Fall is both drier and more predictable and building that Ottawa deck now does not look quite so intimidating.

It would be easier to start the hibernation now, but if you get motivated and don’t procrastinate, the Spring you will be grateful.

So don’t delay – and get Platinum working on your dream Ottawa deck today.

Hockey’s Here…Hope You and Your Team End Up In the Basement

Obviously we’re talking literally and not metaphorically here.  The Ottawa Senators are predicted by many to be at the top and not the bottom of the standings – and how are you going to watch? Battling with the kids and your spouse for the remote? Perhaps you’ve been waiting for a good reason – or for the time to be right – to convert your basement into a man cave. Platinum can help transform your under-utilized basement by building it out into a man cave, in-law apartment, or just an all-purpose family room.  Here are just a few ideas to transform your Ottawa basement into usable, livable space, including:

  • Create your man cave complete with bar, fridge, bathroom, and projector television… and raise a glass with your friends, family… or just by yourself to toast the Ottawa Senators’ success this year.
  • Build out your entire basement into living space that includes a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and more if you desire – and you’ll be driving up your Ottawa home’s value while enjoying the extra livable space in your basement for years to come.
  • Tired of tripping over toys and being subjected to video games in your main living area?   Give your kids there own space with a finished playroom in your basement.

And make no mistake, when you’re looking to have your basement finished, that doesn’t mean you have to give up storage – Platinum will design and build your Ottawa basement while keeping a significant part for storage – set off by a wall and a door.

The puck’s dropping – don’t go through another Ottawa winter without a finished basement and call Platinum at (613) 831-7236 today to speak to one of our Ottawa basement experts.

Ottawa Sheds Key to Surviving Ottawa Winters

No matter how much space you have in your garage, if you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably in need of extra space.  Platinum Construction is fielding calls from families all across Ottawa who have found that an extra car for a teenager, more storage needs, or safety concerns and looking to have a shed built. And of course now is a key time as space to keep cars warm in Ottawa winters is not a luxury, but a must.

Besides making sure your cars are able to smart by clearing out garage space, there are numerous reasons to turn to Platinum to have a new Ottawa shed built, including:

  • Get the smell of gasoline and grass clippings out of your garage
  • Greatly improve the safety of your home by moving flammables from the main structure.
  • Get dangerous and sharp tools away from children and under lock and key.
  • Providing Ottawa homeowners with flexibility – no longer do you have to throw away that garden tool or seldom used tarp that you use every year or two.
  • Increasing space and decreasing the likelihood that cars ding each other or against a lawn mower.
  • A place to conveniently store your hoses, yard games, etc.

And after a winter of a garage that is cleaner and more spacious, you’ll find your Ottawa shed will be a key to having a more beautiful backyard. The convenience of having your gardening tools and supplies in the backyard makes it much more likely that you’ll zap the earliest tufts of crabgrass with weed spray as soon as you notice them, or sprinkle a little extra plant food under a bush that seems to be struggling.

Find out how Platinum can help with your Ottawa shed by calling (613) 831-7236 today to speak to one of our Ottawa shed experts – and breathe easier this winter.

Call (613) 831-7236 today to speak to one of our Ottawa fence experts and kick your fence project into high gear this summer.

Ottawa: Decks with Low-to-No Maintenance Required

Whether you’re gearing up to rehab an existing deck or build a new one, one thing you won’t find yourself short on is quality, low-to-no maintenance decking materials here in Ottawa. From durable natural woods, such as Cedar to some of the engineered board material such as VEKADeck, your choice of material is an important consideration. Ultimately you want a deck that is cost efficient, adds appeal to your Ottawa home and continues to look great for years to come.

If you are building a deck yourself, save some time and possibly money in costly mistakes by going to a local expert to source your deck supplies in Ottawa. At The Fence & Deck Store, our local experts with 10+ years experience, will guide you through the pros and cons of the deck materials best suited for our Ottawa climate. We will work with you to ensure the material chosen is one that meets your needs, fits with the overall design and character of your Ottawa home and is low to no maintenance to keep your Ottawa deck looking great year after year.

At The Fence & Deck Store we stock industry leading fence and deck products and make them available at affordable prices to the Ottawa Do it Yourselfer. Low-to-no maintenance, quality options like:

Western Red Cedar – One of nature’s most durable woods, grown in a sustainable forest program in Western Canada

Ipe – Premium decking product that is virtually maintenance free and lasts for over 50 years

VEKAdeck – Meeting or exceeding ASTM standards for impact and puncture resistance, this engineered deck board provides excellent traction wet or dry and is thermally reflective to stay cool to the touch

Call (613) 831-7236 today to find the material that is right for your new dream deck here in Ottawa. Our deck experts will find the decking product that keeps your weekends free enjoying your new deck in Ottawa, not maintaining it.


Relaxing on Your New Deck in Ottawa is Closer Than You Think

Whether you are seeking solitude or a great place to entertain friends and family, adding a deck or extending an existing deck is a great way to enjoy the natural wonders of Ottawa and extend your home’s living space.  Adding a deck to your home becomes even more attractive, when you think of what that new deck can add to the value of your home in Ottawa.  According to SmartMoney magazine: “Installing a deck may be the most cost-efficient way to add square footage to your house, and of all the outdoor home improvements except painting, it may be the most reliable value. Deck additions generally recoup 85% of their value.”

Transforming dull patios, unused and overgrown spaces into your own personal Ottawa outdoor oasis, can happen in as little as a weekend for the average handy homeowner with the right tools, quality deck supplies in Ottawa, and a solid plan. To get started on building your new deck in Ottawa, you first need a plan.  Here are some thought-starters to get your creativity flowing and help you to formulate your deck plan.

Decide how you want to use your new deck

Consider the ways that you would most often like to enjoy your deck at your home in Ottawa. If it’s mostly for entertaining, how many people would you like to host comfortably on your new deck? Would you like a custom area for the BBQ? Grill only or full outdoor kitchen?

Choosing a location

The way that you want to utilize your deck, mixed with available space at your home in Ottawa, will help drive most of the decisions on where to build your new deck. Sun exposure is a key consideration when deciding deck placement. For example, if your Ottawa deck will be in Southern exposure with few trees, consider adding space in your plan for umbrellas in seating areas to offer a welcome respite on warmer summer days. Some other things to think about: music, lighting and carrying all that yummy food from the house to your new deck – all the things that make for an enjoyable Ottawa summer day with friends and family.

Size matters

Now that you have figured out how you are planning to use the deck, the location, and any additional requirements that your Ottawa yard may demand, then it’s time to layout the measurements that fit your needs and the chosen location. When you are considering what size your deck in Ottawa should be, remember that rarely, if ever do you hear of someone wishing they had a smaller deck.

Right Materials & Reputable Supplier

Once you have the use, location and size of your Ottawa deck decided, finding a reputable and knowledgeable supplier to guide you to the decking material that meets your requirements, considers the harsh Ottawa winters, your desired maintenance level, style and budget. The Fence & Deck Store has been a long trusted source for Ottawa homeowners looking for the best deck materials in Ottawa.

The Fence & Deck Store makes it easy for you to get started on building your dream deck by offering top quality deck supplies in Ottawa at remarkably affordable prices.

Call (613) 831-7236 today so we can get you out on your new deck to enjoy the summer sun in Ottawa.


Attention Ottawa Homeowners: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

In Ottawa we are, more often than not, kind to our neighbors, but Robert Frost may have been on to something when he said, “good fences make good neighbors.” A fence can add beauty, dimension and security to your Ottawa home and yard. A solid fence can also create a safe haven for kids and pets to play and enjoy the mild Ottawa summers, all while providing as much or as little privacy as you (and your neighbors) would like.

Whether you tackle your fence installation yourself or put it in the hands of pros, the best first step is to connect with a reputable supplier for quality fence materials here in Ottawa. A misstep here could really sink your budget now and in the long run. When faced with all of the building material and design options now available for fences here in Ottawa, it can leave even the handiest of homeowner’s feeling a bit light headed. A reputable Ottawa fence supplier will walk you through the various material options for your fence, review the pros and cons of each material with you and find the one that best meets your needs and stays within budget.

To get you started, here are fence materials commonly used in and around Ottawa:

Chain-Link Fence – get the corrosion protection of zinc plus the durability and attractive appearance of polyester framework and extruded polyvinyl chloride fabric.

Ornamental Iron Fence – adds instant character and looks great in almost any Ottawa yard.

Vinyl Fence – makes creating and maintaining a cozy, private space almost effortless.

Welded Wire Fence – designed to meet your perimeter security needs while blending in with the background.

Wood Fencing & Pre-Made Panels – wood fencing is an attractive, popular and cost efficient option for Ottawa backyards. Whether cedar or pressure treated, your wood fence will stay looking beautiful for many years.

Specialty Fence – horse and farm fencing that is easily adaptable, easy to install and resistant to animal impact.

At The Fence & Deck Store, our team of Ottawa fence experts can help you decide on the type of fence that captures the spirit of your Ottawa home and punctuates your home’s overall character. If you’re wondering if a fence can really do all of that for your Ottawa home, stop and think about how powerful the image of a home, complete with a white picket fence is. It is the quintessential image of idyllic suburban living here in Ottawa.

Call (613) 831-7236 today to speak to one of our Ottawa fence experts and kick your fence project into high gear this summer.